Video: Barnett at Big 12 media days

When coach Gary Barnett sat down at the microphone during the Big 12 media days, was there with a camera ready to capture the moment.
Barnett was in a good mood and had fun with the media during his session. He talks about the experience that his Colorado squad has and how he doesn't believe in momentum, only experience. Reporters bring back bad memories by asking about the events of last year, but that passes and Barnett continues to breeze through the session. He also talks about Colorado being the majority pre-season favorite to repeat as the Big 12 north champions.
Only Barnett has a microphone. The reporters are not audible and can barely be heard asking questions. would like to stress that this is a large file (32 MB) and should only be used by those with high-speed internet capabilities.
Coach Gary Barnett interview during Big 12 Media Days