Update with Colorado Prep Star Zach Latimer

Zach Latimer 6-3 215 4.5 Denver,CO(Gateway)
AZ: Zach, what camps, if any, do you plan on attending this summer?
ZL: I can't make any camps this summer. I am going to be on the Colorado Select Team(Basketball) so I'll be traveling with some other players from here to California, Las Vegas, and Texas.

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AZ: Do you plan on playing Basketball in College?
ZL: Yeah, I do.
AZ: Do you have any offers for Basketball?
ZL: No. I will probably just walk-on in Basketball.
AZ: What position do you play?
ZL: On Offense I am a Shooting Guard and on Defense I usually play Center because I am the tallest guy on the team. I average like 19 to 20 points a game.
AZ: If you had to choose one sport, which would you prefer?
ZL: If I could only play one it would be Football.
AZ: So you have offers from CU, CSU, Miami, and Missouri?
ZL: Yeah, and Kansas just offered me.
AZ: Who would you say is recruiting you the hardest?
ZL: That would have to be Missouri.
AZ: Do you have a favorite amongst those teams?
ZL: No I really don't. I am just trying to keep my options open. When I was growing up I always wanted to play for Miami but now that I am older I might not want to do that so much.
AZ: What is your family saying?
ZL: That it is basically my decision.
AZ: What are your thoughts on leaving the state?
ZL: I'll do what is best but it might be nice to have my family come to watch me play. I know they would like that.
AZ: Did you know that Colorado is playing Miami and Florida State in the next few years?
ZL: No, I didn't, that is cool though. The last time Miami came to play in Boulder my Dad had a couple of their guys over here to eat before the game.
AZ: What coach from Colorado is recruiting you?
ZL: Coach Wristen.
AZ: What position is CU recruiting you for?
ZL: Everything. Wristen told me that he would like me to play Tight End for him. But, he also told me that the Defensive Line and Linebacker coaches want me to play on their units.
AZ: What position do you prefer?
ZL: It doesn't even matter. I just want to be on the field, I'll play anything.
AZ: You have no preference at all?
ZL: Well if I had to choose one I would say I'd like to be on Defense. It really doesn't matter though. If they need me on Offense I'll do that.
AZ: Yeah, I understand that you may play a little QB this year?
ZL: I am supposed to play a little of that. I was our starting Quarterback as a Sophomore for a minute.
AZ: Did you attend Colorado's Junior Day?
ZL: No, I didn't, I am going up there this Tuesday to meet with Coach Barnett and Coach Wristen because I missed the Junior Day.
AZ: Zach, have you played against Hinkley High School in Aurora?
ZL: Yeah, we played them.
AZ: Do you know who Chris Hollis is?
ZL: Oh yeah, me and Chris went to Middle School together. We still talk on the phone a lot.
AZ: What kind of things is Chris telling you concerning colleges he is looking at?
ZL: He just says that he is going to keep his options open.
AZ: Have you talked about playing together?
ZL: Yeah we have. We were just talking about that the other day actually. That would be nice.
AZ: How are your grades?
ZL: Oh I stay on top of them. I have a 3.0 GPA and I took the ACT but I didn't get the grade I wanted. It was a 17. I will take it again. I won't have any trouble qualifying.