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The latest on Texas QB Vincent Young

Name: Vincent Young
Height: 6-5
Weight: 195
40: 4.4
Vertical: 33
Bench: 250
Squat: Unavailable
From: Houston, Texas
School: Madison
AZ: I know you are hearing from schools all over the country but do you have a top 5?
VY: No, I don't, but some of the schools I am interested in include Miami, FSU, LSU, Texas, Arkansas, Auburn, and Oklahoma.
AZ: Who do you have offers from at this point?
VY: I have no idea how many I have. But, I would say I have around 30.
AZ: Has Colorado offered you?
VY: Yes.
AZ: Do you have any interest in CU?
VY: One of their coaches called me last night and told me he would be sending me some more info on them. So yeah I do like them. I just need to find out more about them though.
AZ: What do you feel your strengths are as a player?
VY: I can move around in the pocket real well. I can throw on the run. I have real good speed as I just ran a 4.4 at the Nike Combine. I feel I can do about anything that I need to do.
AZ: Do you plan on going to any camps this summer?
VY: Yeah, my coach is going to take some of our team to the Colorado camp. He went to Colorado with one of the coaches there and is friends with him. I am not too sure which one though. I am going to have to ask him about that tomorrow to see if we are still going. Also, he wants to take us to the Texas, LSU, and Miami camps.
Editors note: I started naming some of the coaches at CU to see if any of them rang a bell with Vincent. He was not too sure which one is recruiting him but then he said he had a letter right next to him he received from CU today. He opened it up and said it was from coach Bieniemy. However, he didn't remember if Eric was the one he had spoken with last night.
AZ: So you have more players on your team that are being recruited by big-time schools?
VY: Yeah, we have a RB, FS, another DB, and some of our Defensive Lineman that are all being recruited by the same schools.
AZ: Would you rather stay in Texas for College or leave the state?
VY: It doesn't matter either way. My family doesn't mind which way I decide to go either.
AZ: How are your grades?
VY: I have a 2.7 GPA and have already scored an 840 on my SAT so I am qualified. But, I am going to take it again to try for a better score.