Steve Dildine update

Steve is one of the star players for 5-0 Strake Jesuit.
AZ: Steve, what are your stats on the year?
SD: To tell you the truth I do not even know. But I am having a good year.
AZ: Who are your top teams now?
SD: Stanford, Duke, and Purdue.
AZ: Who do you have offers from?
SD: Iowa State, Duke, and Rice.
AZ: What other schools are you hearing from?
SD: Kansas State, Purdue, Iowa, and Colorado State.
AZ: When is the last time you heard from Colorado?
SD: It was about three weeks ago that I spoke with Coach Bieniemy.
AZ: Did you ever take that unofficial visit to Boulder in the summer?
SD: Yeah, I did, and I loved it.
AZ: Have you seen Colorado play this year?
SD: I saw them play A&M last week and they looked good out there.
AZ: What position have you been playing this year?
SD: Free Safety and Receiver.
AZ: What are you being recruited at and what do you prefer to play?
SD: I am being recruited at Safety and I like Defense better.
AZ: Do you have any trips scheduled yet?
SD: No, I haven't scheduled any yet. I will probably take most of them after the season.