CU video unveils new Seasons video

They did it again.
CU video continues to raise the bar with its latest video titled Seasons.
"We wanted to tell the story about the lifetime experience it is to be a Colorado Buffalo," said CU director of video Jamie Guy. "Our inspiration came from amazing films called Life Cycles and Into the Mind, plus all of the great things we heard from former players when we made the Shoulder to Shoulder video last year."
Guy and assistant of sports video John Snelson both earned a game ball following the Buffs' win over Washington State in 2012 for the aforementioned Shoulder to Shoulder video. More adoration is sure to follow with their latest creation.
"A ton of work went into this, over 300 hours for sure, it was so much fun," Guy told "We treated this as close to a Hollywood production as we could. The biggest thing about the production is we had help from all kinds of people that we haven't had before. When you add up all the people and the time they invested, we get over 300 hours. We cannot thank everything enough that helped us create Seasons."
The Buffs' entire team was shown the video during their post-season awards ceremony late last month and the reviews were positive.
"I think they all really loved it," Guy said. "In fact, the team actually applauded after they watched it."
Expect more exclusive, must view video from Guy and Snelson during spring practices. In the meantime, in case you missed previous must-see videos, go to their Vimeo page.
Credits for the Seasons video, which is embedded above:
John Snelson
Jamie Guy
Jamie Guy
John Snelson
Written By
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Director of Photography
John Snelson
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Connor Cassidy
John Snelson
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John Snelson
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The Colorado Buffaloes Football Team & Staff
Boulder Bears
Narrated By
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Anonymous Colorado Alum
John Snelson
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Sam Blakesberg
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