May 16, 2008

Getting to know signee Darrell Scott

No 2008 signee will come to Colorado with a bigger spotlight on him than Darrell Scott.

The most talked about incoming freshman in school history, Scott will have every opportunity to see the field early and often.

Scott will be graduating from Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure High School on June 7th and he plans to depart for Boulder on June 21st.

"I like Darrell Scott as a person and if he wasn't the second best player in the country I'd want him on our team because he's not a big headed kid at all," CU head coach Dan Hawkins said back on signing day. "When he gets here, you'll see. He's like Josh (Smith), he always has a smile on his face. He's not a big ego guy by any means."

We caught up with Scott earlier this week as part of our series of "Getting to Know Signee Q&As":

Were you overwhelmed at all when you come out for the spring game and everyone knew who you were and wanted to take a picture with you and get your autograph?

"The coaches were telling me to expect it because Josh (Smith) was signing a lot of autographs. They kind of pre-warned me. So I was kind of expecting it. But, yeah, I was kind of overwhelmed."

What did you take away from watching the spring game?

"I was only able to watch a little bit of the game. But the little I did see, I liked what I saw."

When you think back to the recruiting process, what was the best part of going through it all?

"Just the whole experience of the trips and everything. Getting to see different campuses and how things are run at different schools."

What was the worst part of the recruiting process?

"All the phone calls, the mail. After signing day it was nice to be able to relax a little bit."

You've probably been asked this 1,000 times already, but what was it that ultimately sold you on wanting to sign with Colorado?

"Just the chemistry I built with Coach Hagan and just knowing Josh was there and the direction the whole program is going in. It all seems positive."

Did you feel bad that Josh Smith was under some pressure right before you announced your decision?

"Yeah. It really wasn't up to Josh. It was ultimately my choice."

Who has been the biggest influence in your life as far as football is concerned?

"My mom. She has helped me keep my head on straight, keeping me focused."

Has it been hard to stay grounded with all the recognition and accolades you have received, and with people constantly patting you on the back?

"That is all my mom. She does that well. Like I said, she makes sure I keep my head on straight."

What is your most memorable moment on the football field so far in your career?

"My last high school play in the state championship game. It was like a 38 sweep and I had the opportunity to throw it to the quarterback and he ran it in. That was nice."

You're running style has been compared to Adrian Peterson because you are a complete back. Was there a running back growing up that you were a fan of, maybe tried to model your running style after?

"Adrian Peterson. That is my idol right there. I have always liked him and Reggie Bush. But Adrian Peterson most of all."

What is your current height and weight?

"6-foot-1, 220-pounds"

What do you think your ideal playing weight will be in college?


Have you had an opportunity to talk with Ray Polk or Rodney Stewart yet?

"Nope, not yet."

Are you looking forward to the competition you will have with those guys and the other running backs already on campus at CU?

"Yeah, we are definitely going to have fun."

What has Coach Hagan told you as far as what to expect with the transition from high school to college football?

"It is going to be quicker. And just be ready to come in and compete."

How would you describe your personality off the football field?

"I'm a lot less serious. On the field, it is all about business. And then when I get off the field, everyone knows that I am a jokester."

Do you have some hobbies outside of football?

"Just hanging out with friends, having a good time with them."

Do you know what you want to study at Colorado?

"I am going to go in undecided and see how things go but I want to see what Business is about."

What is your favorite kind of food?

"I'd have to say Seafood"

What is your favorite television show?

"I don't have a favorite TV show. I barely watch TV."

Do you have a favorite movie?

"I just got done watching Iron Man, that was a good movie. But my favorite movie is 300."

Do you have a pre-game ritual or tradition?

"Just relax my mind and when I get out on the field, just take a knee and pray and play ball."

Do you have any messages for Colorado fans?

"Get ready, it's going to be one exciting year."

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