October 6, 2007

Mizzou doing a Tatum two-step

It's rare that two teammates have the opportunity to be recruited and possibly end up at the same school, especially when that school is out of state. However, that could very well wind up being the case for Tatum (TX) teammates, WR Chance Blackmon and S Bryce Beall. Both players said that things have been going well when they've had the chance to talk with college recruiters.

Both Beall and Blackmon said they had spent quite a big of time talking with Coach Matt Eberflus. Each said that although they've had good conversation with the Missouri coach, along with other coaches, there have been differences in their conversations.

Beall added that he and the Misouri coach had been talking about about a visit up to Missouri, but he admitted that he wasn't exactly sure when it may be. His teammate said he had an idea when one visit would be, but everything else was, much like Beall's, up in the air.

While they've been looking at a few separate teams, both Blackmon and Beall said they've been impressed with the first month of the Tiger season. Each one said his side of the ball has been the big reason for their excitement for the black and gold.

Both said they have been talking with each other frequently about the Tigers. Beall said part of what he has said to Blackmon has been encouraging him to put the Tigers at the top of his list, but the two friends said they're trying to look out for their best interests.

Beall said he was not only high on Missouri, but clearly knew where they stood. Although Blackmon was not as sure, he added that he also had the Tigers in a very solid position on his list.

Neither player was sure when a final decision might come, but both said that they expected it to come after the season. Either way, Beall knew that before or after his commitment, he would be hoping to get his teammate to come with him.

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