September 18, 2006

Hawkins: 'I knew this wasn't going to be easy'

Every Monday during the football season, the head coaches from the Big 12 Conference participate in a media teleconference. Read on for Colorado head coach Dan Hawkins' comments.

How has this year been on you personally, coming from a program that was very successful to a program that has gotten off to a rough start this season?

Dan Hawkins: "I knew coming into this thing that it wasn't going to be easy; I knew I was jumping into the fire. I knew full well what it was about and quite frankly that is part of the reason I came. When you're 0-3 it never looks good on the outside but our kids are good and our staff is good and we're still building. We're just trying to get a lot of things in place both philosophically and schematically. And those things never come as fast as you want. They don't. We are getting better but our schedule is getting better. So we're trying to exponentially get better than our schedule. But our guys are doing a good job hanging in there.

"No one likes to be 0-3, least of all me. But I knew that I was going to be thrown in, with gas poured on me and flame throwers lit. So I knew that coming in here. If I wasn't ready for that, I wouldn't have come here."

Does being ready for it therefore help you prepare for it and help you deal with it a little better personally?

"It's still hard, it is. But you keep telling yourself, 'You knew this, you knew it wasn't going to be easy'. So you have guys standing on both shoulders talking in your ears."

Some of the coaches today have questioned the system of scheduling tough non-conference schedules... your thoughts on it?

"I think Colorado sort of had a tradition of playing those tough non-conference schedules and its part of the tradition here. I guess when you get down to the millions of dollars and get into that national championship game, you certainly want to increase your chances of making it there. Clearly if you are going to play a bunch of top 10 teams or top 25 teams in your preseason schedule and there is no measure for losses against those teams, it probably hurts you a little bit."

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