May 23, 2012

Army commits Jenkins & Hanley are ready to go

Although Jack Hanley and Robert Jenkins have a similar destination, their respective paths will be somewhat different.

For Hanley, he's a direct admit into the academy, while Jenkins' first stop will be the USMAPS, which is also on the campus of West Point.

However, one similarity that both players have is where their high school football careers originate from. Both programs consistently produce solid Division I prospects, many of whom both players have diligently work out with to prepare for the transition to Army football.

Jenkins reins from talent rich Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola High School, who's team was loaded and where he has aligned himself with such teammates as Chaz Anderson (Boise State) and Kodi Whitfield (Stanford).

"I've been working out with one of my friends who goes to Arizona right now and his brother, along with Kodi Whitfield (Stanford bound) and Chaz," shares Jenkins, currently checks in at 5-foot-10, 215 pounds. "I'm running and lifting weights a lot to get bigger."

In the case of Hanley, his workout comrades include Tom Strobel (Michigan bound) and Kurt Laseak (Ohio University bound).

"I've also been working out of Apex Sports Training on my speed and strength training six days a week, shares the ??? product. "A lot of olympic type of lifts, but also doing them fast with certain speed range. Also speed work, foot work and agility work as well."

At 6-foot-2, 255 pounds, Hanley said that he is hoping to add on at least 5-10 more pounds before arriving on campus.

Position Projection Decision Time


Hanley is being projected on the defensive side of the ball at three technique and/or defensive tackle and made it clear that workouts are not solely tied to football, but the transition into West Point as a plebe.

"I've been running about three days per week to get ready for R-Day and arrive in the best shape possible," says Hanley. "I know a lot of Beast you can't prepare for, but I'm trying to get as mentally prepared and physically prepared as possible."

"I'm getting more and more excited ... the closer I get, there's a little anxiety, but not much."


"The coaching staff has talked to me about playing at fullback position and maybe some linebacker," says Jenkins, who is scheduled to report the 26th of July. "But I love fullback better, definitely."

Jenkins was more of a blocking fullback at Loyola during his senior year, but according to the two-way player, he was the primary ball carrier during his sophomore and junior seasons.

"I'm very excited, but in the beginning I was really nervous," says Jenkins. "However, I talked to a lot of people that attended West Point and they help me understand what to expect and gave me great advice."

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