May 20, 2012

Kia making his final preparations

Even before they make way their way to the West Point campus and yes, the destinations will be divided between those going direct versus those going to the USMAPS (prep school) ... Army's 2012 recruiting class has been deemed by many to be one of the best ever assembled by the Black Knights.

Of course, such projections can only be measure over the next 4-5 years, but needless to say on paper it holds some merit.

According to one member of the crew -- defensive tackle Khodadod Kia, there is something special about this class and not all of it is tangible.

"In regards to the football team, I feel we are going to bond quickly, shares the animated and candid Kia. "There doesn't seem to be any type of personalities that conflict, which is really neat. I've met a few guys already."

"I met Robert Jenkins at a CIS track meet. We were both wearing Army gear and we kind of notice each another, but we weren't sure. So I went up and ask ... and he was like hell yeah dude I am (an Army Black Knight) and what about you? So we just hit off, it was pretty easy talking to him because we are similar people."

"I feel that's going to happen across the board because when you see how we are on that Facebook page, there's no conflict -- just a whole bunch of guys ready to play some football and be at West Point."

The direct bound 6-foot-0, 276 pounder is ready to get started as he arrives onto the West Point campus July 2nd.

"I am stoked ... there is no other way to put it, I am very excited," declares Kia. "I'm excited about everything and so many things that I have to look forward to that other schools could not offer."

While he exits high school with an solid frame to build on, Kia said he is doing all he can to building up his strength before he arrives at Army. He's also busy honing approach that most other college football players have to endure.

"Right now I'm working out with my team, as well as the workout package that they sent me," he says relative to his football preparation. "Actually, the forefront is bootcamp in the very beginning. So I'm preparing a little bit more for that than football. But I'm still doing my drills, still doing my reads and I'm making sure that my football game is on check and that I'm not behind."

Kia is aware that defensive tackle is a spot that would welcome a newcomer to push for immediate playing time and/or add depth. So what about the possibility of playing as a freshman? "It is Division I football and you can't any position to be open," offers the Irvine (Cali.) Beckman High School product. "They will transform offensive linemen to defensive linemen, linebackers to d-linemen, it doesn't really matter if a spots open on the depth chart right now, because things change. Frankly, I just need to play my butt off and if I am able to perform the way I feel I will, then I will have a spot. But, it's a different type of football, different speed and I haven't seen it yet so I gotta adjust."

For those who have not seen Kia in action, he is best describes as student of the game who plays like a linebacker, but with his hand down.

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