March 27, 2012

Class of 2012 Getting Army Ready - Part IV

When it came to a college decision, GBK reported back on January 27th that Jack Hanley's comparative shopping now has him just a few months away from making his way to the state of New York to kick off his career as a Black Knight and West Point cadet.

"Akron had not offered me yet, but I knew that the schedule that Army plays, the education and the opportunity to serve my country were just all three things that put Army over the edge compared to Akron," says Hanley. "They are a great program and going to be good, but I just Army put that over the edge."

"And then with Air Force, I didn't really get that feel with the campus, I didn't get a chance to meet all of the coaches."

With that decision in the rearview mirror, the Concord (Ohio) Mentor High School product is looking forward and working diligently to get ready for life ahead as a student athlete on the campus of West Point.

"I've been doing a lot of speed and strength training," Hanley shared with GBK. "Actually, with two players from my school. One is Tom Strobel and he's going to play defensive end at the University of Michigan and I'm also training with Kurt Laseak and he's going to play at Ohio University ... he's a defensive end."

Clearly, with those three manning the gates, the Mentor High School defensive front line was a chore for many of their 2011 opponents to deal with.

Hanley indicated that he and his teammates have been working out at the Aim Performance Training facilities under the direction of Mike Chrisinger, who runs the work outs. "I've been speed and strength training like 6 out of the 7 days in the week," confirms Hanley, who is currently tipping the scales at 6-foot-2, 260, but hopes to add a little more muscle and weight.

"I'm looking to come it about 265-270, just because I know that probably through the whole Beast experience I will probably drop at least 5 pounds."

And for I've been following what is happening with Army and the recruiting ... I can't wait to get started.

Through the internet and social networking, Hanley and his future teammates have already created a ongoing bond with one another, but of course come R-Day, that is really where the rubber will begin to meet the road for all of the incoming players.

"Although I'm on the Facebook page, I haven't specifically talked to many of the players yet," he declares. "But I've been on Facebook and I respond to the group messages and stuff that people would send out."

However, for Hanley, sometimes the information can represent a wake-up call, as he admitted when he heard the news that his recruiting coach, Joe Ross was leaving the Army football program.

"I talked to Coach Ross last Thursday or Friday, because I read on that he was taking a job and leaving," shared Hanley, last week. "So he called me up to inform me of what was happening with his departure."

"I thought he did a great job in recruiting me and recruiting other kids from this class. Talking with him, he was almost practicing what he preached about the whole West Point degree, where you can always go back and get a higher degree and there's always going to be great job opportunities for you ... stuff like that."

"One aspect, it was kind of disappointing to learn that he was going to be gone, but it was also encouraging knowing that once you put in the work at West Point, that degree is so valuable."

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