March 22, 2012

Class of 2012 Getting Army Ready - Part II

As we noted in our initial article covering some of the class of 2012 who will be making their way to West Point via the direct route, we move from cornerback Tim Kamana to Safety Cedrik Bell had the opportunity to catch up with Bell as he begins to wind down their high school days, while also being in Division I and Beast Barracks preparation mode for their days and weeks ahead as future Black Knights and Cadets.

Presently Bell is tipping the scales at 6-foot-1, 188 pounds and attributes part of his weight gain to his workout regime that he hopes will allow him to effectively hit the ground running during his initiation into college football.

"Well I have weights first period and then I have my Army workout, so I try to get some of those lifts in," says Bell, who indicated that the staff has him penciled in at cornerback. "I'm doing stuff like power shrugs, different kinds of dead lifts ... a lot of stuff that deals with my explosiveness, so I've been doing a lot of stuff with that."

In addition to his weight training the prospect out of Marion (IN) Marion High School has to maintain a extensive track practice everyday after school. "It helps me to keep my speed up and stay in shape," he shared.

Bell's primary events are the 400M and the 4x400, where he is hoping to close out his senior athletic career on a high note.

"We had our indoor season already and we made it to indoor state (championship) which is always good and big," Bell explains. "Our 4x400 made it for the indoor state ... there was no open 400M."

Bell's best split in the 400 relay was 55.00.

I'm ready to get going.

- 2012 Army Commit & Safety, Cedrik Bell

Like most high school seniors, the social media connection, along with their cell phones is the primary means of communication and the 2012 Army recruiting class is doing their part to ensure that the perception remains reality.

"It's going really good," says Bell, when discussing the Facebook bonding of him and his future teammates. "You have a lot of guys who aren't going in direct when I'm going in. So it's like knowing some of my friends won't be there until I'm a sophomore. But we've gotten to know our faces which is good because when we get there we'll kind of know the guys. We've already talked about positions, team goals and asked each other what do we like to do for fun. At this point, we're not strangers anymore .... we kind of know each other a little bit. Me and the guys who are going straight in (direct), we know that we are going to have to go through Beast. Like the defensive guys, we know that we will be with each other for those 4-6 weeks. So we already have a pretty good feel of who we are with."

One thing that Bell has learned even before he officially stepped foot on the West Point campus and that one must learn to adapt and do so without missing a beat. As such, Bell, who's recruiting was handled by fullback and special teams coach Joe Ross, was surprised to hear that Ross was leaving the team immediately after spring practice.

"Coach Ross called two days ago, I think ... he called because he was informing me that he wasn't going to coach at Army anymore," shared Bell. "He told me that he is going to go back into the Army you know and teach troops on leadership actually."

"He was saying that going to West Point, you can do pretty much anything that you want to do. He seemed pretty happy with his decision and he said that if all goes right that he would have his own company or firm some day and that's pretty big. He also told me that Coach Waugh would be my contact going forward and would handle all my question and stuff. I'm ready to get going."

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