March 6, 2012

Getting to Know: Kevin Davis

GoldandGreenNews continues its Q&A feature with the Class of 2012 by interviewing Parade All-American Kevin Davis. At 6-foot-3 and 226 pounds, the outside linebacker is expected to compete with a deep group of linebackers in the fall for playing time.

What sold you on the Rams?

Kevin Davis: "The coaching staff and it's close to home so my family will get to see me play. When I talked to Coach Mac that's what really had me sold on Colorado State 100 percent."

What impressed you the most about Coach Jim McElwain?

"Just how driven he is and what he wants to do with the program and the school. That really got me excited."

Just before you committed to CSU, what other schools were at the top of your list?

"Washington came into the picture really late. Other than them, probably Air Force."

Did Washington ever offer you?

"Their coach said they were going to offer, but I turned that down. They wanted me to take an official visit the weekend before Signing Day too."

What coach was recruiting you from the new staff at CSU after you committed?

"Coach Ehlers did during the change and then I talked to Coach Skipper after he got there."

What did you think about Coach Skip?

"He seems like a great guy and I'm excited to be playing for him."

What was your favorite part of your official visit to Fort Collins?

"The game and everything surrounding it…I got to see how they prepared and things like that."

What specifically are you going to bring to the Colorado State football program?

"Hard work, dedication, and I want to change the ways of CSU football."

What makes you so special as a player?

"I think I'm a pretty smart player, I'm versatile, and I can just get to the ball."

What do you think you need to work on to get better?

"Probably just like every other athlete, I need to work on things like strength, speed and fundamentals."

What was your most memorable moment from your football career?

"Probably the Cherokee Trail game we won at home in the first round of the playoffs this year. It was the first time we won a playoff game in 5A, and it was just a great game."

What was your most embarrassing moment in football?

"My sophomore year in one of my first practices with the varsity, I got my ankle broken pretty badly by the senior All-State running back."

Who was your favorite football player growing up?

"I liked watching Ray Lewis."

Do you know what you want to major in?

"I'm not exactly sure yet."

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

"Hanging out with friends a lot and spending time with family."

Favorite food?

"German food"

Favorite movie?

"Blind Side"

Favorite artist?

"I'd have to go with Lil Wayne."

Do you have any nicknames?


Besides hockey and football, do you play any other sports?

"I played baseball my freshman and sophomore years and I'm doing track this year."

Do you have any other talents that people might not know?

"I'm fluent in German."

What message do you have for Rams fans?

"Just get ready for us. I think things are really going to change pretty soon and I'm just excited to be a part of the Ram family."

Finally, do you think you can come in and play right away at a fairly deep position (outside linebacker) and get some early playing time?

"I'm not really sure about that. Whoever is the best will play and I'm just going to come in and compete and we'll see how fall camp goes."

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