February 1, 2012

Sign and Sealed: Taylor Cox

Running back Taylor Cox just faxed in his letter of intent and is the newest Kansas Jayhawk. Cox committed to Kansas in January and was recruited by Rob Ianello.

Favorite pro sports team: Dallas Cowboys or San Francisco 49ers

Favorite athlete: Allen Iverson Randy Moss. I thought Randy was an icon with the way he changed the game with his swag.

Favorite TV show:The Cleveland Show

Favorite vacation spot:I haven't been on many but I would say Hawaii then Seattle since that is my hometown.

What do you want to do after Kansas:Probably working something working with kids because I feel like after KU and all my experiences I would have a lot to share with youth. I would also like to open my own restaurant.

Favorite food:I don't cook a lot but when I do chicken alfredo is what I cook. BBQ and pasta are also my favorites.

Favorite TV sports personality:Skip Bayless

Main reason why you chose Kansas:I liked what they are trying to change the culture to and I also thought it was place where I could grow as a person.

Heroes growing up:Michael Jordan or Emmitt Smith.

Favorite pregame ritual :Just relax, visualize what I have to get done on the field and maybe listen to a little bit of Taylor Swift. She's a sweet girl and football is an intense sport and she hits the spot for me.

If you could switch places with one person for a day:Marshawn Lynch because I followed him back when he was at Cal and he is with Seattle now and he just seems like a fun dude to be around.

Favorite website:Twitter

Favorite musical artist:2pac, not really his hard stuff but more his inspirational stuff. I also liked Bob Marley, he has good messages.

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