January 27, 2012

Harris' mom speaks

Baton Rouge (La.) Episcopal defensive end Tylor Harris will be in Winston-Salem today through Sunday for his official visit to Wake Forest.

Rivals.com rates the 6-foot-3, 245-pound Harris as a two-star recruit.

Deacons Illustrated spoke with his mother, Ramona Harris about the family's weekend travel plans and her son's recruitment.

My understanding is that Tylor was in with Stanford. Had he decided to go to Stanford, and then Stanford changed its mind? "No, we have not committed to anyone. He's interested in Stanford. He has an offer from Stanford just as he does Wake Forest and numerous other schools; Louisiana Tech, Northwestern."

"What we were waiting to see Stanford has to go through the admissions process, and just like we do with every school we want to see, make sure that he gets into admissions, but Tylor has not committed to anyone. It's not a change in his mind, or them changing their mind."

"The [Stanford] coaches are still in touch with him. As a matter of fact they visited him today [Thursday]. It's a matter of when it comes down to it what's the best fit for him."

"Stanford has not changed their mind on Tylor. Tylor has not waivered away from Stanford, but we're keeping all of our options open, because we don't know what the admissions process is going to come up with."

On the in-home visit from Coach Ray McCartney: "Coach Mac I want to say Tuesday night, had a wonderful time talking with him, had a wonderful visit. We're very excited about coming to Wake Forest, and seeing what they have to offer."

Was that the first time you all have ever met or talked with Coach Mac before? "Yes it was. He came to the school earlier. He did three hours at the school. He talked to counselors and teachers and coaches. He talked to everybody he needed to talk to at the school. He came to the home. We met with him, and made sure we had a good feel for what they had to offer and what he was bringing to the table. Everybody got along well. It was a wonderful visit all day in both places. It was nothing but positive feedback on both ends."

Now will this be the first time you all have ever been to Winston-Salem or Wake Forest? "Yes it is."

What all do you hope to accomplish on this visit other than seeing what Wake Forest has to offer? What questions do you hope to get answered there? "We'll get the questions answered to the academic curriculum to make sure the path he wants to take on his degree program is, and he's comfortable with that."

"We want to make sure that the surroundings are great, that meshes well, and gets along well with the coaches and the staff."

"I want to make sure they're going to take care of my child, because he's going to be away from home, and I'm comfortable with the surroundings as well."

"It's one of those situations where until you get on the campus you don't know how you're going to feel about it, or how you're going to react. Everything looks good on paper, but you want to make sure you get on campus and ask any questions you have; see how everything is set up, where they're going to be staying, like I said the academic aspects, talking to the professors if they're available and to the coaching staff and to the players."

Is there anything else that you would like to share about Tylor, his recruitment, or this weekend's visit? "Not really other than our recruiting process is still open. No has turned away from him, and he has not turned away from anyone at this point."

"The visit is supposed to end sometime Sunday, so probably Sunday night or Monday we will have made up our minds and Tylor will have definitely made up his mind, because ultimately it's his decision where he wants to go. He will have made up his mind where he would like to attend."

Deacons Illustrated will be keeping close tabs on this story as it unfolds. Stay tuned for more news on Harris.

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