January 25, 2012

Briscoe says Vols' coaches made impact

As Tennessee transitions to a 3-4 defensive alignment under the tutelage of new defensive coordinator Sal Sunseri, the Vols will certainly be looking for bigger defensive linemen to man the trenches.

One name that has emerged for Tennessee is Louisiana defensive lineman Jacoby Briscoe.

Briscoe has been a Miami commitment for just over two weeks, and Tennessee is hoping to reverse that commitment this weekend when he officially visits. Head coach Derek Dooley, along with assistants Terry Joseph and new defensive line coach John Palermo, were by his high school Tuesday to get to know him better.

"It was good. We talked about their defense that they're about to switch from a 4-3 to a 3-4, how they need more d-linemen, more big d-linemen. They kind of introduced me to Tennessee because I don't know anything about them. So, that was basically it," Briscoe said.

When talking to Briscoe during the visit the Vol coaches told him how he'd fit into a new-look defense for the Vols next year.

"They told me I can play both end and tackle and they'll move me around the front," Briscoe said. "I think I can play any of those positions."

Along with talking about where he fit in on the field the coaches also introduced him to what the life of a football player looked like on Tennessee's campus.

"I watched a video and that was a highlight tape and showed the game atmosphere, the athletic facilities and stuff like that," Briscoe said.

That will be a focus of his when he visits Knoxville this weekend. He hopes to see the life of a football player when they're not only on field, but also studying and living.

"Just the environment and the coaching staff and the team. Just the people and the surroundings, the football field, the building on campus, that stuff," Briscoe said.

Briscoe said the time spent with the Vol coaches was a good way to start a bond.

"It was a good feeling and a good bonding and stuff. It was nothing serious, but it was just getting to meet the guys and the new coaches and stuff. That was it," Briscoe said.

He has a good first impression of the veteran defensive line coach Palermo.

"He seemed like he meant business with everything he does. He knows what he's talking about, and I believe he's a good coach and they have a good d-line coach. He sounded legit," Briscoe said.

Briscoe said he had talked to good friend Davante Bourque this week about his visit but said Bourque hadn't been pressuring him leading up to the visit.

"We've talked, but he respects the situation," he said.

While Briscoe is somewhat open minded, he said he didn't know what it would take to flip him and said he is very much committed to Miami right now.

"I don't know (what it would take to flip commitments), that's what am I going to visit to see. Right now I'm really solid - very, very solid to Miami right now, so it would take a lot right now," Briscoe said.

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