January 10, 2012

Defensive tackle very impressed with Army

They often say, there's a big difference in hearing about West Point and seeing it up close and personal.

If you speak to Gino Bresolin, which GoBlackKnights.com had the opportunity to do, nothing could be more true for the prospect out of Sammamish (Wa.) Eastlake High School.

Even Bresolin's dad, Andy, who joined his son on his official visit to Army was almost speechless when it came to evaluating the trip to the historic Northeast school.

"He came back extremely excited and he didn't know all of the intricacies of what going there actually means," shares Gino's dad. "Coach Brock (John) who is recruiting him told him you have to at least take a visit to make a better decision on what's best for you."

It was great .. the school was incredible," shares the 6-foot-2, 270 pound lineman. "They really didn't talk much about the football aspect of it because if you want to go West Point there's two other elements of the school ... there's the education, which is the best in the nation and there's the military part of it."

But even before Bresolin received the full tour, he was able to connect with his host, the other recruits and several member of the Black Knights' team.

"We got there on Friday, had dinner and I met with my host (Shane Finnane) along with a bunch of the seniors," he adds. "Then I met with all the coaches and my position coach, John Mumford."

So what was Bresolin's conversation like with Mumford? "We just had a lot of small talk and he answered any questions about West Point that I had, but he also talked about he Army defense and where I would be playing if I committed," declares Bresolin, who is being recruiting by the Army staff as a defensive tackle. "Interesting though .... in that same meeting was my host's brother, Evan who already has committed to Army and on the "D" line too. After that (meeting), I hung out with Shane."

As impressed as Bresolin was during day one, his interest level maxed out on Saturday, as the day's itinerary ran the full gamut.

"They pretty much brought us around the facilities which were amazing," he notes. "Recently they got a new weight room which was the biggest weight room I have seen in my life ... it was really cool. They showed us the prep school and if I decide that I wanted to go to Army, that's where I would be for a year. So they got new facilities there, new weight room and new doors. That was really cool and the history part was as well."

Although he did not have chance to spend a significant amount of time with Army's Head Coach Rich Ellerson, the time that was spent was quality in nature.

"I did have a chance to speak with Coach Ellerson and the academic advisor and they said I need to get my SAT scores up a little bit more," says Bresolin, relative to meeting the admission's standards of West Point.

For the state of Washington native, he has one more stop on the official visit train, as he is heading to UTEP this weekend for what may turn out to be a comparative review as he narrows down his choice of schools.

"West Point is a pretty special place," shares his dad. "For me it was a real awesome experience. Ironic enough they only spent two hours on football the rest was academics and the military."

"Next we fly to UTEP and they are looking at him as a center, so we are going from one extreme to the other," says the senior Bresolin, who lets out a chuckle. "It will be interesting to see what he likes and doesn't like.

But when it's all said and done, it will be Gino himself who will make the call. "After my visit (Army), I had all my questions answer and I'm actually really interested in Army," he shares. "I really like the discipline, the focus they make you have there and there's pretty much a set plan on what you are going to do. Personally, I like having that and I really like Army. I just want to visit UTEP to compare that to West Point ... weigh the pro and cons."

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