December 21, 2011

A change for Turene

Kent Turene said he's finally got some peace regarding his future collegiate home.

But that home will not be at Georgia.

Wednesday, Turene told UGASports that he recently learned he was going to be a non-qualifier and with that knowledge has decided to enroll at Marshall under Prop 48 rules.

The former Bulldog commit will enroll at Marshall on Jan. 7 as a mid-year, non-academic qualifier. The Southeastern Conference no longer allows its member institutions to accept Prop 48 students.

A former 4-star performer from Boyd Anderson High in Fla., Turene was initially flagged by the NCAA Clearinghouse before he enrolled in prep school at Atlanta Sports Academy this past semester.

"A few weeks ago I found out I was a non-qualifier. I took some night school classes and after the NCAA did a review, they didn't review my stats until like last month, so the whole time I was in there nobody really reviewed it," Turene said. "So when they reviewed it, they said they were not going to take my night school classes, for no apparent reason, except for the school that I was from. They said my school had a bad history with Internet classes and things like that, so I just came to the decision that I'd go Prop 48."

Turene said he chose Marshall over East Carolina, another school which accepts Prop 48 athletes.

He said he's disappointed that a career with the Bulldogs wasn't in the cards.

"I was disappointed, but if I get another opportunity, it's all that matters," said Turene.

As a Prop 48, Turene will not be allowed to participate in practice with Marshall until Spring of 2013.

He won't be alone.

Former Boyd Anderson and Atlanta Sports Academy teammate Corey Tindal will join Turene as a Prop 48 player, one of a number on the Marshall team, a list that includes former Southern Cal recruit Steve Dillon, former Arizona State commit Steward Butler, former Miami recruit Kevin Groom, former Colorado State commit RaShawde Myers and former Florida recruit Travon Van.