December 16, 2011

Film analysis: Brett Bafaro

Hillsboro (Liberty) standout Brett Bafaro was offered by the Oregon Ducks at linebacker, and that certainly will be where he starts his college career. In these film clips from his junior season, Duck Sports Authority takes a look at Bafaro playing both linebacker and (gasp) fullback.

Hands: In these clips hands fall into two categories. One is his hands as weapons, the other his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. In both instances Bafaro grades very well. As a fullback, he is able to use his strength to deliver devastating blocks by getting his hands in good position, striking hard and following through to the whistle. Defensively he seemed to use his hands well to ward off blocks on his blitzes. As a fullback, Bafaro was able to slip out of the backfield on a number of clips and deftly reel in what were in a couple instances deplorable passes.

Feet: These clips do not provide much insight into his footwork as they focus on more straight-forward blitzes and rushes requiring minimal cuts but lots of power. Bafaro as a ball-carrier did not cut or slash much, he tended to run straight and overpower the defenders to run free. He does appear to have smooth feet with both running with the ball and running down ball carriers.

Pad level: Not a strength of his as is common for players physically dominant at their level of competition. On defense Bafaro is able to stand tall as a tree while blitzing or pursuing and pay no price due to his speed and strength advantage. As a fullback he runs high, but on the other hand, clearly is able to gather himself and strike the defender in blocking situations.

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