December 12, 2011

Palmer enjoys visit

Middle Island (N.Y.) Longwood offensive lineman Omari Palmer has been a Syracuse commitment since last March, but this weekend he took his official visit to Syracuse.

"My visit was fun I had I had a good time hanging out with all of my future teammates. It was just good to be with everyone, it was fun."

The visit went so well that Palmer could not pick out one item as his favorite because he liked it all.

"Nothing really stuck out that much since this was my third trip to Syracuse. I have a pretty good feel for everything there now," Palmer stated. "Trying to pick one thing is tough because I liked it all. I liked being able to walk around town from a players perspective and not a recruit. I liked the basketball game, basketball is one of my favorite sports, the campus was great, the people were nice, and it was just overall a great trip."

On his visit Palmer was not the only Syracuse commitment on campus and it was the first time he met some of his fellow commitments. How did he get along with his new teammates?

"We talked about everything from girls, to our championship games, dorms, and what we are going to major in. We really talked about everything," Palmer said. "We had fun together those couple of days and I am looking forward to being up there."

He also had a chance to sit down with some of the Orange coaches and talk about his future.

"We talked about things from a player's standpoint and what they want me to come in as. We talked about if I can get my body weight down that the transition will be a lot easier and if I transition well I could possibly get early playing time. For the most part it was just friendly conversation."

They talked about what position he will most likely be playing when he gets on campus.

"They said I will play guard. I doubt I will grow two or three inches in the next six months to play tackle. I would be happy if that happens, but I doubt it."

Palmer, 6-foot-3, 295 pounds is ready to get on campus as soon as possible and he tried to graduate early, but he was not allowed to.

"I am pumped if I could have gone up early I would have. I tried to graduate early, but my school was being very difficulty with that so I gave up on that. I am ready to get up there and ready to get my workout plan in February after I sign."

In July when he has his chance to get on campus he will be ready to go.

Wayne Morgan Watch

Most of the visitors this weekend were commitments, but Wayne Morgan was an un-committed prospect who is starting to take his visits. Palmer talked with Morgan about the Orange, but did not lay a heavy recruiting pitch on him.

"I feel that pressuring somebody into making a decision like that isn't really necessary, everybody has their own idea. If he does not want to come then he does not want to come and if he does that is cool. It is his choice and it will be the school where he spends the next four or five years, he has to do what is best for him. I just talked to him about what other schools he is looking at and he said Michigan, Alabama, and some others."

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