November 29, 2011

BC commit has big upside

Win Homer is regarded by many as the top offensive lineman in the state of Virginia. He shut down the recruiting process before the start of football season and chose the Eagles in spite of offers from UVa and Virginia Tech, two in-state schools that carry a lot of clout with recruits.

The Christchurch School offensive tackle from Virginia isn't your typical high school football prospect.

Homer wants to major in fine arts, he takes just as much pride in his academics as he does in his play on the football field, and when you talk to him it's clear that you're talking to someone mature beyond their years.

He helped lead Christchurch to an undefeated season and a state championship at the Division II level.

"We had a really good season," Homer told "It was the best season our football program has ever had. The closest game we won was by 18 points so we did pretty well as a team. It was a really special year."

Homer attributes Christchurch's success to consistency on both sides of the ball and a single-mindedness every single week.

Consistency is something he worked hard at on an individual level.

"On offense I played left tackle and on defense this was the first year where I pretty much got to stay at the same position. I played right defensive end just about the entire season, although I did move around the line a little bit as part of a rotation," he explained.

"One of the areas I really improved in was my discipline in terms of technique in both run and pass blocking. I would really focus before the play and focus on my technique during the play.

"In the past I could sort of get away with not having great technique and still making a good play. I had been thinking about that a lot before this season. I realized that I can't do that forever. When I get to a high level people are going to knock me around if I don't know what I'm doing."

At 6-foot-5 and 245-pounds, Homer is more athletic than most linemen you will come across in high school. He also knows that he's going to have to work hard to get to the size he needs to be at.

Because of that Homer is open to a redshirt.

"I'm in a different situation than a lot of people," he said. "Ideally I'd really like to redshirt. I love the idea of having an extra year. Other than the fact that it's an extra free year of college it would be great to be able to prepare myself.

"I'm going to go in and I have so much to work on in terms of size and strength."

One of the reasons Homer isn't as big as he could be is his schedule. While many prospects focus their attention on strength training in the offseason, Homer is hitting the books and playing lacrosse. He will be a captain of Christchurch's lacrosse team this year so the Eagles are getting someone with leadership qualities.

Homer will be playing in the Chesapeake Bowl as a reward for his strong season.

His official visit to Boston College is December 9. Homer wanted to make sure the official was after the season when his schedule was a little more flexible and there will be other prospects in town then so it worked out perfectly.

Virginia and Virginia Tech were the two other schools that Homer had narrowed his focus to prior to his decision and both had offered. Both could also sell the idea of playing close to home.

With the Hokies playing in the ACC Championship Game and Virginia improving from 4-8 to 8-4, did Homer ever second guess himself and start to question his commitment?

"I can honestly say I never thought about it except to think, 'I bet there are some people out there that think I'm wavering,'" he laughed.

"Of course, Virginia Tech fans will still try to sway me, but I'm solid. Boston College has had a lot of injuries and a lot of youth. Some people say those are just excuses but I see something. You could see it as the season progressed. As the young players got used to the system and started playing in front of TV audiences they just got better.

"They gave Notre Dame everything they could handle. They beat NC State and they beat Miami in a game that I don't think was as close as the scoreboard would have suggested. I never questioned my commitment."

While Homer is all BC he will be cheering for the ACC in the postseason.

"UVa has had a good season and we expected that. Virginia Tech's doing everything they can and personally I'd love to see the Hokies in the national championship. I hope that happens because I'm an ACC guy."


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