October 2, 2011

From the film room: Mario Ojemudia

Mario Ojemudia has been an absolute stud this season for an undefeated Farmington Hills Harrison squad. The defensive end has notched seven sacks among 34 tackles and has 10 QB hurries. Today, our featured talent evaluator breaks his senior year highlights down ...

Our evaluator is a former Michigan All-Big Ten first-team performer.

Strengths: Closing speed off the edge and great hand work are the first things that jump out when watching Ojemudia play. He does a great job of continuing is movement up field toward the pocket as he makes his move.

Many players his age slow down when they make their hand move to dismiss an offense lineman's hands; Ojemudia maintains his momentum as he makes the move, and even when the blocker does get good hands on him he quickly adjusts to an escape move to get off the block.

He is quick off the ball, uses great leverage when taking on linemen that outweigh him by 80-plus pounds. He also does a great job of playing with a down hill pitch as he moves up field toward the pocket. He rarely gets caught standing straight up exposing his chest to opposing lineman.

Areas of Improvement: Ojemudia will have to gain weight and strength to battle Big Ten linemen. He'll need to develop his punch and ability to take blockers straight on because a defensive player cannot slip by blocks all the time. His game will improve with more weight on his frame to go along with his quickness and speed. Every good defensive lineman has a bulrush in his bag of tricks. Ojemudia will grow into a stronger player and be able to develop that bulrush.

College Projection: DE or OLB

Michigan Player Comparison - James Hall: Hall played fast and strong from his DE position and showed massive improvement in his game while at Michigan. Ojemudia has a similar frame that can be built up to develop power to go along with his speed.

The Bottom Line: Ojemudia may have the most impressive film of all, from a closing speed point of view. This young player has a great burst up field and does a superior job of using his hands to dismiss blockers. He is the perfect defender that would be put at DE to track down running-style quarterbacks or defend read-option offenses. He shows the football motor that coaches love.

He has plenty of room to grow and add power to his lower body. Big Ten offensive linemen don't have problems blocking "speedy" defenders that lack in the power department. Ojemudia will get in that Michigan strength program and develop his body to provide that needed power and strength to compliment his quickness. When that happens, look out!

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