June 3, 2011

Top 250 O-lineman has unique camp plans

Do not look for Cleveland Heights Top 250 offensive lineman Kyle Dodson to go on a tour of football camps this summer. He may make some visits, but he won't be showcasing himself in cleats.

"He doesn't have to go to any camps for that matter because he's got everything he needs," said Cleveland Heights coach Jeff Rotsky. "He is pretty much offered (a scholarship) by everyone in the country."

Michigan State is believed to be the first major conference team to offer.

"I would say that's fairly accurate," Rotsky said. "And once there were a few offers, they all started rolling in."

That includes offers from Auburn, Alabama, Notre Dame and a conditional offer from Ohio State for the 6-foot-6, 315-pound Dodson.

"He is offered (by Ohio State), just pending his score, but he will get his score," Rotsky said.

Rotsky preferred that SpartanMag.com put interviews through the coach at this time, rather than the player.

"I'd much rather you call me and not call the kid right now," Rotsky said. "He is getting ready for final exams and very busy."

Although Dodson has no need to camp as an individual, he will be busy on the summer circuit.

"We will go to camps as a team," Rotsky said. "We try to give our whole team multiple opportunities to see Division I, Division II, Division III opportunities so we are going to go to Penn State, and to Akron and to Ashland and Baldwin-Wallace."

Wisconsin, Michigan State and Michigan are strong in his lead pack.

"I can tell you that the folks at Michigan State have done a really nice job with him. He is very fond of Coach Narduzzi, who recruits the area. He has done a great job and we are certainly appreciative of that and I have had a relationship with Coach Dantonio, and Coach Staten was in, so it's a very good staff up there."

Ohio State continues to be a strong player with Dodson, despite the recent resignation of Jim Tressel and the well-publicized scandal in Columbus.

"The staff at Ohio State is very good and Kyle is very fond of them as well," Rotsky said. "I'm very disappointed that Coach Tressel's players put him in the position that he is in; that's just my take as a coach. But I don't think that is going to have a whole heck of a lot of factor with Kyle. I'm not telling you it's small because Coach Tressel is a great guy and he had relationship with Kyle, but Kyle has gotten to know the whole staff down there, as he has with Michigan State, Michigan and Wisconsin. So I think for him it's just a matter of where he feels more comfortable, and for me, as a coach, it's who do I think is going to look out for this young man as a young man first and a football player second.

"I would love him to be committed before the season starts, but I don't know if that's going to happen."

'A Born Leader'

Dodson, ranked the No. 152 player in the country, ranks even higher in Rotsky's estimation as a person.

"First off, as good as he is as a player, he is even that much better of a kid," Rotsky said. "He is just a born leader. He is a worker. He is intelligent. He has a great spirit to him. He really is a gift from God. He is a wonderful, wonderful kid.

"What stands out is that he wants to win and he is very competitive and he will lead a group of nine senior linemen for us this year."


"Very good. He moves fluid," Rotsky said. "He is strong. He is 6-6 and a half and I think he will end up being about 6-7 or even 6-8 when it is all said and done. He is strong, aggressive, tenacious and smart."

That tenacity carried over to spring workouts this year.

Others at Cleveland Heights
  • "I think before the end of the year, I think we could have a couple more players (that Michigan State might be interested in). I don't want to speak prematurely but we have averaged seven or eight scholarships out of our program every year between Division I, I-AA and Division II. We hope this year will be no different." - Cleveland Heights head coach Jeff Rotsky.

  • Rick Wilcox, 6-0, 225, RB/LB"People may want to keep an eye on a young man by the name of Rick Wilcox who has been injured for a couple of years but is a 6-foot, 225-pound Sam linebacker/tailback. He looks pretty interesting. He is physical as hell, strong as hell. We just have to keep him healthy. If we keep him healthy he will be a big, big, big, big part of our team this year."

  • Brice Jones, 6-0, 175, DB/QB: "He's smart, talented, athletic, physical even though he is skinny. Good football player. He and Rick have a legitimate shot."

  • "We have been going hard," Rotsky said. "They go hard three days a week in the weight room with full weight room and agility workouts. We had over 50 colleges in within a two- or three-day span to watch our special workout.

    "I think Kyle's last test his bench press was around 325. His squat is close to 400. He just missed 300 on the hang clean and got about 290.

    "He is just a very aggressive body out there. I've coached some pretty good people and have had some pretty good linemen and overall players and I have guys in the league but I think he is preparing himself to be one of those most fit and ready-able young men, potentially, for that next step in the future as well."

    Does Dodson talk about favorite schools?

    "He has national opportunities," Rotsky said. "I don't want to speak for him but I think his style of play fits into the Big Ten. That doesn't mean I will tell him to go there, but he wants to play in a program that is going to run the ball and be more NFL-like. He can go anywhere he wants but I don't know that he is looking to be a spread guy. He wants to go somewhere where they are going to line up and run the football, and then pass protect in play action and all of that kind of stuff."

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