May 26, 2011

2012 ATH set to camp at Tech

Texas Tech recently visited Dallas (Texas) Bryan Adams High School to check out 2012 athlete Kris Williams. Once again, assistant coach Robert Prunty is the primary recruiter on the trail.

"The relationship is pretty new. Coach Prunty came in to see him this past Monday and he seemed like a great guy," according to Williams' head coach Derick Roberson. "I had given them a call because I'm a Tech alum, and I wanted to let them know that I had an athlete who is very interested in Texas Tech. After that he saw the film and was interested immediately. So they've invited him to the camp here locally and he's going to get a chance to show what he can do."

Tech is initially recruiting Williams as a linebacker, but he's also been a valuable wide receiver for Coach Roberson.

"Kris is a really versatile player. He was our leading receiver last year in just about the exact same offense that they run at Tech. He plays the Y position for us and brings a lot of different things to the position," Coach Roberson said. "He's been switching to the other side of the ball and playing defensive end for us, and I think he'll be playing outside linebacker for us next year."

"On the offensive side of the ball he really causes a lot of matchup problems because a linebacker can't cover him, and he's great over the middle with his size. Even so, I think he's more of a game-changer on defense than he is on offense. If he's on D and gets the ball in his hands, he's going to have a great chance to take it to the house for six."

Coach Roberson indicated that Tech came into the process as the leader for Williams.

"He's the type of kid that does research on his own, and believe it or not, the one thing that stood out to him initially about Tech was the dry climate," Roberson said. "He's talked about not having to worry about allergies and things like that, which is true. I experienced that myself when I was at Tech, being from Houston originally. There's a big difference. I was amazed that he had thought it that far through."

"Before the recruiting process started I would say that Tech was his top team, so we're just going from there and seeing how it plays out."

Williams received his first two offers this week from Cal and SMU, and another may come after he attends Tech's camp on June 5th in Rockwall (Texas) . He's also been shown interest by Arkansas, Baylor, Houston, Louisiana Tech, and Colorado. The 6-foot-3, 210-pounder is hoping to make a decision prior to next fall, depending on the offers he gets between now and then.

"He's really wanting to make a decision before the season, but with an offer from a school like Cal, that might change. With Tech or some of these other schools, he can really try and go see them whenever he wants," Roberson said. "He might have to wait a little longer to check out some programs a little further away. I've told him that I know he probably has someone in mind already that he wants to play for. I've encouraged him to at least have something else to compare it to, though. It's a big decision so it's not one he needs to rush into."

"Right now Tech is his top school, but I want him to visit some other places just so he can have something to compare it to. No doubt, though, he's feeling Tech right now. He likes them a lot."

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