May 25, 2011

Nine offers for Harris

Northwestern, Southern Miss, Memphis, La Tech, ULL, Tulane, North Texas, South Alabama, Western Kentucky.

Minnesota, Rice, and Georgia Tech are all about to offer to.

"Vandy said they were really interested in me film when they came, so I'm just waiting on a call or some mail."

1. The offers are awesome, there a real motivation to make me want to work harder. The ones that are standing out are Southern Miss, Northwestern, and La Tech right now.

2. This weekend I'm going to Georgia Tech because i already planned on being in Atlanta. I plan on going to Alabama, and I'm still working on the other ones that are farther away right now. I've been talking to my parents and were trying to work something out.

3. Academics are my first worry and next is my comfort with the team and my coach staff. Those will be the main factors that affect my decision.

4. I know a lot about Vandy and I would that would be an awesome offer to receive because there SEC and a very good academic school.

5. I think my strengths are my speed on the field and also my hidden power. I can switch between both to provide a solid attack against the run and the pass and also to confuse the offensive lineman. I have a lot of different moves I used though mostly to combine my speed and power I rip outside and counter spin back inside straight to the QB.

6. I think we look pretty solid. The areas where we lost senior we filled in and those people are steeping up and doing a solid job at their positions. Everyone that has had to step up has had varsity time in a game so we have experience, its just a matter of giving our all in the and I have no doubt in my mind that we will all do that every down. The experience that is coming back is in key positions on the field and they are now acting as leader and everything seems to be running smooth.

The new defense and attitude that Jimmy Williams has brought in definitely helps out team mentally. The energy level is much higher this year and we are having a lot more fun with the new defense.

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