May 4, 2011

Packing it on

Recruiting is about making the right projections. So when Baylor got the early jump on Allen linebacker Thaddeus LaGrone, coach Jim Gush likely was going on what he could be seeing in three years.

Between the end of the 2010 season to when spring football workouts began last week, LaGrone added 20 pounds to go from 170 to 190.
Thanks to the strength and conditioning program, LaGrone has added 60 pounds to his bench to its present 280. He added 135 pounds to his squat to make it 460.

"It's been a great offseason program for me,'' LaGrone said. "When a lot of college programs come by and see what we do, they said it's about like what they do with their strength program. A lot of the programs have seen me and think I could probably get to about 210 when I'm in college so I'm excited about how much more I can grow. I've been eating a lot lately. But I'm eating a lot of protein too.''

Of course, the family genes help too. LaGrone's father Theodis is 6-3, 250.

The Bears continue to sport the only offer at this point. They extended it to him right after the recent Nike Camp. LaGrone said it is likely that Boston College and Michigan State will soon follow with offers. He said that both schools have told him they will probably send an assistant coach to see him before any is extended.

But the relationship with Baylor has begun to mature. LaGrone said he plans on visiting the Baylor campus within the next two weeks. Of course, he has a pretty good "on-campus" recruiter in former wide receiver Jonathon Lee who just signed with the Bears on Feb. 2.

"I'm really interested in Baylor right now,'' LaGrone said. "The one thing the coaches have told me is that they think I could play over the wide receiver in that type of role. They also like the way I move in space and they think I can develop the strength to knock the wide receiver off his routes.''

LaGrone, a transfer from McKinney Boyd, said he is very good friends with Boyd defensive end Jamal Palmer. Baylor recently offered Palmer after having him come to its April 2 controlled scrimmage.

LaGrone said he will continue to work his way through the process but he is giving serious consideration to graduating in December so he can enroll in January 2012. He plans on taking the SAT on Saturday as well as the ACT on June 11.

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