April 7, 2011

The 'Knight-en' from the school that doesn't kick

Pulaski Academy is a school that has received national attention for its no kicking philosophy. If Pulaski has 4th and 30 from their own 10 yard line they are not punting. Some call it crazy, their quarterback likes it and Louisiana Tech likes him.

Tech was the first school to offer Fredi Knighten of Pulaski Academy in Little Rock, Ark and stands currently as thew only school to have offered the talented quarterback. Knighten said he is hoping for offers from some BCS schools such as Arkansas because that would show he is one of the best in the country at his position he said.

Ultimately, Knighten said, "whoever really wants to have me at their school is who it is all about."

Fredi said most scouts like his athleticism in the pocket. Specifically his ability to elude tacklers while he works in the pocket.

Pulaski Academy has had much success in recent memory, becoming a regular in the state championship.

"I really think it's the coaching. The coaches get us ready for every game; they push us in practice and expect perfection out of us in practice. So when it comes down to game time we know what we're doing and can execute properly."

Dirk Tanner and Knighten are close friends Knighten said. Being on the same team as Dirk possibly is a plus for Knighten and said, "[Dirk] is a hard worker. Some times he will say things, but he says things to make you better. He's a good teammate," Knighten added.

Aum'arie Wallace accompanied Knighten from Pulaski to Louisiana Tech for Junior Day. Knighten said he wants to be a success on and off the field and likes that Tech encourages that.

Since Tech hosted its Junior Day the same day as its Spring Game, Knighten had a chance to see the offense in action.

"I like how they run the spread and the fit their system around their quarterback," is what Knighten said impressed him the most about the offense.

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