March 23, 2011

Vaden has a plan for school

Few student-athletes get to this point in their high school careers with as clear-cut of an idea for what they want to do after college as Brighton (Colo.) receiver Jordon Vaden. The 6-foot-3, 170-pounder would love a shot to play in the National Football League, but plans on putting his Sports Management major to work after school is over.

"I have been thinking of using my sports management major by teaming up with my brother who is a personal trainer," Vaden said. "I would like to start a company all in one building to help with things like finding an agent, finding a place to do rehab or finding a place for athletes to train. It would be the ultimate place for athletes to come and get what they need. It could have a place for college, professional or high school athletes to watch film, to train and find mentors and get it in one place."

The 6-foot-3, 175-pound athlete from Prairie View High School averaged 8.3 yards per rushing attempt, 14.2 yards per catch and 36.0 yards per kick return as a junior. He also excelled as a defensive back. Colorado State would like to be the school where Vaden gets that Sports Management degree and has told him as much in a scholarship offer.

"Basically, I have an offer on the table from CSU and I'll have an offer as long as I keep showing I am a Division I athlete and handling my business in classroom," Vaden said. "I really like CSU. I give them a lot of credit for being the one school that has invested in me and show that I can play Division I football. Being so close to home is another good thing. They have all the programs I like. They are really high on my list right now."

In addition to Colorado State, Vaden said he is hearing from Kansas State and Colorado and pointed out the volume of mail from those two schools has been increasing lately.

"They are introducing me to the program and what do they have for the upcoming season," Vaden said. "I have been looking at a lot of schools on the western part of the country to see if they have academic programs that I am looking for. Now, it is just for me to look further into them and find out whether the programs are good or mediocre programs."

"I want the best possible school I can get into," he continued. "The better the school, the better it will look as far as me going there."

Vaden just got back from the New Level Athletics 7-on-7 camp in Las Vegas and said he wanted to show the nation that kids from Colorado have skills.

"I wanted to show them that Colorado kids can play with everyone in the nation. I turned a couple heads. Our team got eliminated in the second round. I got a couple coaches and scouts to interview me," he said.

Vaden said his focus at this point is to get his academics in order to get on the college football field next spring.

"I would like to get this decision done about mid-November and commit so I can early enroll into whatever school I chose and play spring football," Vaden said. "I want to start early and get into school early."

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