February 25, 2011

Aka to visit Cincinnati in March

Forgive him for valuing different things than his neighbors. Enrolled at Indianapolis Pike High School, Pierre Aka(UC interest) did not grow up in Indiana.

In fact, he did not even grown up in the Midwest (Texas) and was not even born in this country.

Pierre Aka entered this world in the whimsically-named Ivory Coast, or Cote d'Ivoire in their native language of French.

Virtually guaranteed an automatic A in French, Aka decided to challenge himself academically at Indianaplis' Pike High School.

"I take Spanish," said Aka. "I wanted to be trilingual."

Staying in the theme of three's, BCR asked Aka to name his three favorite college recruiters.

"Al Borges of Michigan, Kerry Coombs (Cincinnati), and Jeff Phelps (Minnesota)," said Aka.

Cincinnati was one of the very first schools to express interest as Coach Coombs frequently convinces countless Indy-based athletes to at least peruse UC.

"I think he is more laid back than the other coaches I have talked to," said Aka.

Yes, that is the first known reference in the history of man to Coach Kerry Coombs being laid back.

When Spring Practice started nearly a year ago no voice could be heard louder than Coach Coombs. Reverberating off the empty bleachers Coombs instructed his defensive backs voraciously.

On recruiting trips perhaps he tones it down a notch.

"He doesn't seem like the type of guy that will give you different stories," said Aka. "He is a confident coach. Not all coaches are totally honest with you."

Lauded as a success the Class of 2011 features a number of players recruited directly by Coach Coombs.

Nick Temple, Trenier Orr, Justin Murray, Patrick Coyne, and Brandon Mitchell all credited Coach Coombs with sprearheading their recruitment and guiding their decision.

Coombs' contributions to the class are monumental when you consider that he landed four of the first five recruits in a year UC desperately needed to establish itself as a powerful recruiter in the region.

As Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Indianapolis are Kerry's primary recruitment zones look for him to be responsible for the earlier commits again.

A great opportunity for a verbal commitment is coming up March 5th, Cincinnati's biggest Junior Day.

Aka will head down to Cincinnati for the first time that day along with teammates Aloyis Gray and Jonathan Reed.

Reed has offers from Bowling Green and Toledo. He is a blistering fast cornerback. Gray has offers from Illinois and Purdue, but will be a curious case for Cincinnati. He plays quarterback in high school, a position UC does not need in 2012. They are likely to hold steady in pursuit of Maty Mauk and Patrick Knowles there.

Gray could move to wideout though.

Cincinnati is the first but not the only Junior Day on Aka's docket.

"I got Notre Dame and Northwestern during spring," said Aka.

Do not expect Aka to camp with Cincinnati and he will not do any combines for the next few weeks while recovering from injury.

"I'm going to LSU for right now," said Aka of his camp schedule. "I got Minnesota too and penn state. Probably more this summer and Iowa."

Aka has started to collect various invitations and looks to be moderately well-respected throughout the entire Midwest. Depending on the position UC recruits him at (currently DE) they could stay in the fight until the last round.

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