August 24, 2010

Griffin keeps A&M, Texas at top of list

Unlike a lot of players across the state of Texas, Hebron junior receiver Kiante Griffin doesn't open the 2010 season in week zero this upcoming weekend. However, count Griffin as one who wishes he was.
"We got a bye this week and we play Colleyville Heritage at home the next week," said the 6 foot 1, 200 pound Griffin. "I'm kind of mad because we had a scrimmage last weekend and we didn't come back and have a game."

Griffin and teammates scrimmaged Keller and beat them 28-7. It was something of a new experience for Griffin who had 31 receptions for 732 yards (23.6 yards per catch) and 10 touchdowns and is slated to be one of the top receivers in the state of Texas for 2012.

"I had two touchdowns but I also played a little bit of cornerback," he said. "I had a sack on a blitz and then an interception. I've played a little bit of cornerback at 7 on 7 but not when the games were close. I didn't start playing cornerback until junior varsity7 on 7 tournament but my coach wanted me to play corner this year. I like man to man better than safety. There's too many angles to chase."

Nonetheless, the offensive side of the ball is where Griffin excels and Hebron is looking for him to continue to make an impact this year.

"I play the Z," he said. "The only thing that is different from last year is that they will put me at the slot. Nothing else is different. I played the slot in eighth grade. I would rather play outside. At slot, you have got to work too much on avoiding linebacker. You have got to adjust your route to what the linebacker does. Outside, all we have to do is take the route a little deeper depending on what the cornerback does."

The Hawks finished 4-6 and missed the playoffs last year, an unusual occurrence for a perennial playoff contender and previous state champion. Griffin and his teammates are working hard not to let it happen again.

"After we lost to Flower Mound Marcus (in the last game of the 2009 season), it was tough," said Griffin. "It made everyone else work harder in the weight room. Actually, the whole team is from last year's junior varsity. Everyone is kind of cool. They are basically more appreciative to be there."

Does Griffin have any goals for the upcoming season?

"My brother was asking me about that," he said. "I don't have any. Right now, the main goal is the playoffs. Basically, that's it. I don't have any goals for myself but I didn't do it last year either."

With two a day practices and school officially starting back up, Griffin hasn't had much time to think about recruiting. However, college coaches are in the same mode since they are in the middle of fall practices themselves.

"Right now, the only people talking about offering me are Texas A&M, Oregon, and Texas," he said. "I still get questionnaires from Stanford and Vanderbilt. I got one from Florida the other day."

"I called coach Kennedy from Texas two weeks ago. That's the last time I talked to anyone. He didn't say anything really. He was telling me to keep my grades up. I have a 2.8 GPA and I haven't taken the test yet. I signed up for the SAT. All the coaches like me up there at A&M. They tell me to call them when I leave there. I'm putting recruiting behind me and I'm focusing on the season."

Griffin was asked if he had any favorites.

"Just A&M and Texas," he said. "I like the coaches at A&M. They're basically the same as at my school right now. If I went up there, it would be like I'm in high school again. I went to their camp and it was all right. I didn't do a lot because I hurt my calf muscle at the state 7 on 7 tournament. I really like Texas' facilities too. I didn't really talk to any of their coaches at their camp. The only coach I talked to was coach Kennedy."

Griffin stated that he was not in a hurry to make a decision.

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