August 8, 2010

World record holder commits to CSU

The Colorado State football coaches are hoping Bainbridge (Ga.) kicker/punter Keenan Adams' aim with a football is as good as his skill with a bow and arrow. The 5-foot-10, 186-pound Adams accepted a scholarship offer from Colorado State this week and will begin working out with the team starting in the spring semester next year.

While kicking is a skill he hopes to use to make a name for himself in college football, Adams is already well-known as a hunter and archer. He said he holds the world's record for having killed all seven turkeys in the world 15 different times - sometimes with a shotgun and sometimes with a bow. He said he also holds turkey calling titles and is a three-time shooter of the year, according to the Archery Shooters Association.

He even has his own competitive archery calendar of events listed on his own Web site and a group of nationally-known sponsors.

But for the next five years, he plans on setting his sites on a strong college football career.

Adams said since taking over as the starting kicker at Bainbridge High School he has made good on 89-of-93 extra points and hit a 52-yarder to beat Bainbridge's archival high school a year ago. He also averaged 39.9 yards per punt a year ago on 28 punts and due to his hang time, his punts were only returned for 26 yards total. He has been named All-Region, All-Area and All-State for his efforts. He was named second team All-American as a kicker by Max Preps in 2008.

Colorado State was the only school that offered a scholarship thus far, but Adams has been getting recruited by Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn and LSU. He said the chance to think about what he would do if an SEC school came knocking on his door with a scholarship offer later in the year.

"I come from a family where a commitment means commitment and you commit to something you know you are going to do it," he said. "Nobody is going to give me that great of a deal anyway and why would I turn down living in Colorado."

Adams said he will come in as a greyshirt and compete for both the kicker and punter jobs. He said the opportunity to come in midway through the year and then potentially redshirt offers him the chance to get six years of education for free - something he couldn't pass up.

"Plus, Colorado is a great place to live for six or seven years or so, and you can't beat that with a stick," he said. "Coach Fairchild only likes to have one guy on scholarship for punting, one for kicking and one for long snapping."

Adams said he flew into Colorado for the one-day camp at Colorado State two weeks ago and enjoyed his time in Fort Collins. He said he won a field goal competition at the camp with a 55-yard kick off the ground. He said he liked the campus and stadium, but the community of Fort Collins really caught his eye.

"We flew into Denver and I thought it was going to be like Denver, but it was totally different," Adams said. "It was one of the cleanest towns I have ever been to. We went downtown and there wasn't one thing that we didn't like about it. It was different than I thought it would be.

"The ball seems like it flies a lot further than in Georgia too."

Adams, the youngest of seven children, said he had planned to commit during the camp last week, but he said NCAA rules prohibit a commitment within 24 hours of attending a camp, so he came home and called his recruiting contact, Todd Stroud shortly thereafter.

He also said he is looking forward to some of the hunting and outdoor activities the Rocky Mountain region offers.

"I liked it out there," he said. "The first thing I asked when I asked is what hobbies do they do. Around here we'll wake board, shoot some skeet. Out there they snowboard, they have the mountains there, it is endless. My eyes lit up. I can't believe what they have out there. You can go up in the mountains and camp and bike and all that."

In the year 2008 Adams won archery contests in Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky and Illinois, while finishing second in Florida and was named the Archery Shooters Association's Pro/Am Shooter of the Year for the third year in a row.

"I started (hunting) when I was five years old," Adams said. "My dad loves to hunt and so does my Uncle Buddy. I shot my first turkey when I was five and I was hooked. We just started going to hunt and wondered how far we could push this thing."

Today, Adams holds the record as the only person in the world with 14 World Slams (taking all seven species of turkey in the world), is the youngest person in the world to take a World Slam with a bow and holds several other world marks.

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